These are books I or my family have found useful, both in informing us of what to expect and also providing possible strategies to deal with this day-to-day. Others have been recommended by therapists or friends to deal with stress and anxiety.

I’m half way through the 8 week course. I should have done this 2 years ago when I go it. Great for anyone who is stressed, anxious, suffers from low mood or has a chronic illness. It re-energises me and I use it for my ‘rest’ periods.

I know there is a lot of information out there about sleep. This book is great to pick up and put down as and when you need it.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue, A self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques‘ by Mary Burgess

‘Chronic fatigue syndrome’ by Frankie Campling and Michael Sharpe

’50 Things You Can Do Today To Manage Fibromyalgia’ by Wendy Green