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This is where I will add any useful advice that may help you as it has me. See the links or books pages for recommended products and literature.

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Buy a diffuser and a decent aromatherapy oil. I LOVE Neal’s Yard Remedies as they’re natural and a lot of their products are organic. It will cost a bit more but will last longer. I use mine when I mediate, stretch, or simply need to re-energise. Lavender is great for relaxing you and smells divine.

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Bubble bath. Invest in a decent one. Again, I recommend this one from Neal’s Yard Remedies as it actually does what it says; on days when you ache, well, just because, as well as on the days you really ache from exercise.

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Read up. Visit your local library to borrow books on CFS/ME and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Remember, more than one library exists in each county and you can request books to be sent to your local one, normally for a small charge. Be careful with what you read online if you do decide to only use the internet.

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Buy a hot water bottle. Sounds silly but if you feel the cold more it will be your saviour, even when the heating is on and you are wearing two jumpers and have a blanket wrapped round you…yes and you will still need one.

Disclaimer: these are products that I use and recommend. I am not being paid to post these. Nor am I a medical professional.