I’m back!

I’ve realised that it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote a post and it’s not because I’ve been busy or haven’t wanted to; quite the opposite. We went away for our first wedding anniversary and then spent another week trying to get over the jet lag, doing some gardening and generally continuing the relaxing theme!

I was quite anxious about going away because it was a long haul flight, the temperature was 20 degrees celsius hotter and I was unsure how my body would respond. I’d read a few blog posts written by people with chronic illnesses and most experienced a worsening of symptoms with these changes. Also my bed time was 8pm which would mean that my husband would either have to sit quietly in the room or sit at the bar alone. We joked about that but I really didn’t want that to happen as we were going on holiday together!

The flight

The outgoing flight was fine. I felt so much better than I had anticipated. This could have been because I was drinking lots of water (and consequently getting up a lot!!) and/or it being a daytime flight. I’d also packed the items I thought I might need in my hand luggage such as my Energy Remedies Roll and my own headphones. The return journey was not so enjoyable primarily because it was an overnight flight and I got no sleep. When we landed my brain and body were telling me it was 1am Jamaican time when it was 7am here, so 6 hours ahead in the UK.

The time difference

I adapted to this pretty quickly but they do say it is easier to adapt when travelling west. The first day was hard. My husband also felt like a zombie at dinner time and I was just about functioning. An early night and a day of lying on a sun lounger, floating or ‘swimming’ in the pool or sea when we wanted to cool off, helped immensely. I think the novelty of it all being all inclusive as well as a wonderful setting with friendly people helped so much.

The temperature

So apart from two days of rain the temperature averaged 32 degrees celsius. That’s the heat we had for months last summer and it was too hot. But it Jamaica it was great! We had the sea and some pools to cool off in. Not to mention other activities to help cool off like snorkelling, sailing and pool volleyball. I found the heat actually helped the pain, well it dulled it as I wasn’t aware of it.

Or perhaps it was everything else that reduced my symptoms; the not needing to think about anything apart from what am I going to eat or drink, where, what shall I do next? Shall I read or sit in the pool? Shall I go snorkelling or go see what such and such an activity is like? I was even drinking alcohol! Not lots but going from hardly drinking to drinking 2-3 cocktails a day without feeling any difference in symptoms felt enlightening. It probably didn’t help my sleep much as this was a bit inconsistent but we didn’t have much to do so it didn’t bother me. Don’t fear for I haven’t returned and continued drinking every day, if at all.

Future holidays

So I am no longer going to feel so anxious about the subsequent holidays we have. I’ll experience the usual nerves everyone gets about going away but I will not let this illness rule these nerves. We can still see the world but at a more sedate pace. It’s exciting and I can’t wait for our next adventure!

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